I need know licence "freepik.com"

I can use images for “elements” flyer, no problem licence freepik.com in graphicriver? I have doubts.

I already have premium account freepik.com

Thank you!

You can’t use.

  1. Does not resell, assign, transfer or sublicense the Freepik Content or any derived work from the Freepik Content;


What you could do, a workaround, if the item is available for free users at their website, you may use the images on your previews and add the credits/links to the item page stating the images are not included but can be downloaded free from their website.

Thank you very much, another question, I can buy license images on any website but only elements (for example a bird, a tree, etc) on a flyer so there should be no copyright problem when uploading graphicriver in the file flyers, thank you very much again.

Still, you can’t use Elements items as well for re-sale. If the items are available at GraphicRiver, for example, with extended license ( not standard ) then you can purchase the license to use it on your item to sell it at the marketplace or elsewhere.

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Thank you.

Can I use free stock images on pexels.com, etc?

Just check their terms of use ( conditions/policy ) page and look for “re-sale, resell, sell” keywords.
It should be stated clearly if you can “sell” it or not.

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Thank you. you have a great day.

Sorry for the inconvenience, can I use freepik images only for graphicriver preview flyer?

For preview yes, as long as it’s not on the ZIP file that would be downloading later by the buyer.

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I understand everything, thank you very much.