USA Independence Day Flyer Rejected, need feedbacks please


can i get some feedback’s about my rejected item plz?

yes. but you should plase rejected item here

i uploaded the item before, maybe it was an uploading error ! i uploaded again. waiting for feedback bro :wink:

The basic layout and idea here is cool, but there are some problems. The colours and contrast etc - you can adjust them to make the emphasis more on the right elements. Right now the background photo takes too much of your attention, and the liberty 4 graphic (and the jet) don’t stand out enough. I know you made the 4 grey to make it like the statue of liberty, but with the design as it is now it kinda looks a bit dull. Obviously the 4 should be the first thing you see, it’s the most important part. So the background photo could be made darker, more monotone, and the 4 could be made less dark maybe. Plus the very background part, could have colours closer to US flag to make theme even more obvious, and the colours more matching. Only other thing is I don’t like the text box in the top right, you could take away the box and maybe have text on a ribbon or something.

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Hi bro :slight_smile: really golden advices & tips, i appreciate that thanks a lot my friend, i will apply all this & i will see if it work? god bless you :slight_smile:

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