why my flyer been rejected

this is my flyer

help me why this flyer been rejected ?

hi there are a variety of reasons for the rejection indeed

1- global style
I am sorry to tell u something like this but what u have is rather messy in terms of organization and basically the eye gets lost in the process of reading … this takes me to the second point
2- hierarchy of information
what u have to identify is that in a well organized flyer u need to be able to determine at first glance at least 2 levels of hierarchy , primary / essential info and secondary ones which basically is about side way information which are “complementary”. At the moment, apart from the guy, nothing is popping out with what u have , including title and sometimes, for some reasons, like decoration and other (pls see next point) u have even an inverted hierarchy being set up here … where less important things are more outstanding and more readable than the really important stuff (including titles)
3- contrast
this is in no way something to mess with since this is a basic design principle and - apart from being a lethal mistake for this - this is also something that will take u to face further problems in a snowball effect … one of them is as regard to hierarchy, what I have already evoked above
4- readability
this is linked of course to the way u organized elements here , the choice of colors and most importantly the contrast thing which is “destroying thing up” as u place some texts and titles which are so hard to read that the item becomes inefficient. After all, why trying to put some texts if they are hardly visible ? Still about this particular point, what u have to identify is that this is really really difficult to give the right exposure, attention and impact - and even contrast - as long as u put some texts on a complex background indeed
5- z-shape reading process
some elements turn out to be misplaced, like the date so that makes sense in terms of reading process . The reading process also determines the impact zone and the fact of the matter is that u have very little things placed properly at the moment …
6- coherence
why putting “Independence Day” and “4th of July” in two different places? a beer organization would have been 4th of July , under “Independence Day” and party afterwards
why also having “party” having no shadow when all the other titles actually have one ?
7- branding
the company name is very important for buyers, as what would a buyer look forward to ? to promote the event, of course but almost as much to promote their club so that have it a bit lost in the title, in very small size and a wrong positioning as far as reading goes it definitely not helping when it comes to branding indeed
8- spacing
there are many things misplaced as regard to spacing, u need to make sure that all is perfectly organized as this is a professional marketplace and is a basic design principle and since the item is a template u are expected to organize everything perfectly as much as possible , u can even adapt the content to make sure of this indeed …
9- white spaces and harmony
indeed, some parts of the flyer are very crammed and some others indeed are far less and this impacts negatively the item both harmony wise , visually wise and as far as breathing goes, too
10- lower section and darkness
indeed the lower part of the flyer s quite dark and this , apart from not looking super good, is not really legitimate for something that is related to celebration and party …

thank you so much for letting me know about this information. next time i will try to correct those mistakes

well it depends on u to do “next time” but I want u to be aware of this all the same, all the guys I have ever seen here writing such a thing in the end come up and actually post their next things, hard rejected again , after they did the very same mistakes … this is just a friendly advice, u can take it or not, u are free , I just wanna make sure that u are aware of the fact that it may not ne the best way , in any event, good luck and good work :slight_smile: