US Withholding Tax Help


I’m hoping someone out there can help me.

I think I know the answer to this but I’ve just noticed that I’ve had US With-holding tax deducted from my sales for months. Do I need to get a US tax certificate in order to claim this back?

I appreciate any advice,


Find More About US withhold tax here :slight_smile:

Hi Darius!

I am not a tax wizard of any sort, but one thing I can tell, is that since January this year we all pay additional tax for purchases made by US buyers only. The actual sum depends on your country, and its trade treaties with US, so what you have to do, is to fill a one time form found in your Envato settings page.

Hope that helps!

Ireland has a 0% tax treaty with the USA. Provide your domestic taxpayer information (via account settings) and you don’t have to pay this tax for further sales.

For the already payed withholding tax, you get a document in 2017 from Envato and can use it for your 2016 tax return to claim back the withholding tax (if the irish tax system allowed that)