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Today when completing a sale I noticed a “Royalty Withholding Tax” fee that I did not have before, so far so good, I know Envato’s taxes and when I registered I agreed with them (I did not have this taxation before), but what I’m realizing is that with this high taxation for more that I am selling my product exclisiva here in Envato I am having a very small return and Envato is profiting more than I, in a sale Envato is with almost 50% of the value of the sale, there are the rates that, together with the percentage that Envato is already going to more than 70% of the value of the sale, in the end I end up with 30% of the value of the sale and Envato with 40% is totally without logic issouma sale of $ 28 dollar I just stay with $ 8 dollar does not even make sense.

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Make sure that your tax form is up to date. You have to renew every three years. Maybe you filled the form more than 3 years ago, and this is why you now get the US tax.

In any case, ending up with $8 for a $28 item, is ridiculously unfair and infuriating!


Pretty sure that the withholding rate for Brazil has always been 30%, as they have no tax treaty with the US… so it sounds like either all of your sales previously have been to non-US buyers, you have had some US sales but not noticed them, Envato were withholding the wrong amount of money, or you moved countries/changed location details. Has to be one of the four!


Hello @procodebr

you can read this announcement for more details: Expiring Tax Information on Envato Market

Thanks :slight_smile:

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So, as far as tax information is less than 2 years old, I’ve sent it up to 1 year at most, I’m already selling it to people there, but I’ve never had that problem of getting $ 8 worth of the product in question , I was scared when it happened, so much so that one day later it was made one more sale to a Buyer from the United States and this did not happen, so I found it quite strange that