Hello guys, I am new here and glad to have made my second sale in videohive. But I am trying to understand something and if somebody could help me it would be great. So, I had 2 sales last months and the total revenue after envato fee and taxes was $42.50 dollars on my wallet. That’s great, I was feeling rich already. So far so good, today I made another sale from another project that I had just uploaded and the total earned after taxes and fee was $12.50 dollars. Well, here comes the question: If I had earned $42.50 dollars before and now have earned more $12.50 dollars why does it show only $49 on my wallet? Should not be $55 instead? Where did go the $6 dollars missing?

I was looking into it and my guess is that the last sale was from usa and there we have to pay an extra tax… is that it?

Just show you statements tab to say for sure, but apparently Brazil doesn’t have tax treaty with US, so you’ve lost 30% from sale somewhere. It is highlighted with orange color in statements

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Here shows -%6.00 of US Royalty withholding tax… Is that it? it takes quite a bite

Yeah, it is. Unfortunately, Brazil doesn’t have tax treaty with US, so every sale from US will be charged with 30% tax