Expiring Tax Information on Envato Market



The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations state that Forms W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E expire after three years. This means that if you provided us with your tax information in 2015, and haven’t re-submitted since, we are required to invalidate your tax form on 1 January 2019.

If we don’t receive updated tax information from you by 1 January 2019, we will be required to apply Backup Withholding Tax (BWT) at a rate of 24% to all your earnings.

If you think you might need to update your tax form, you can do that now by logging in to your Envato account and visiting the tax information section on the settings page. Tax information provided now will be valid until 1st Jan 2022. You can update your tax information at any time.

The following help articles are available to help you in re-submitting your tax information

We’re here to help you with this. You can contact taxinfo@envato.com with any questions.

Very little pay.
US Royalty Withholding Tax Brazilian

hi James, what does it mean pls? that we have to submit a brand new fulfilled form, even if we had submitted one already, is that it?


I think i understand every author need to submit their tax information after three years.

Thanks @jamesgiroux for informing us.

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Hi James!
How we can see or reference when we submitted our tax form?


Hello @jamesgiroux

It there is no changes in 3 year in tax info, then also we have to fill same info and form every 3 years?

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Hello @Rembassio when you look at the tax information page in your author dashboard, you’ll see when your tax information was submitted and when it will expire.


@joomlastars even if your information is exactly the same, you still need to resubmit your information. For further clarification:

  1. We need the new forms ON OR BEFORE 1 Jan 2019. Our systems are based on Melbourne time and US and UK authors might have a day or two of earnings where the backup withholding tax rate would apply (ie they don’t submit until 1 Jan 2019 their time) so updating earlier is better.
  2. US authors (those with Form W9) do not need to resubmit unless their details have changed. Form W9s do not expire.



You can check details of last tax info submitted and expiration date from Settings - > Tax information

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Thanks James for your answer!


why do all people have answers to their messages but me?


sometimes this is really surprising that some people end up having hard feelings with this place … lol i am the only one not to get any answer , certainly a coincidence, i am really not lucky …

i think that u will probably have to do for the beginning of next year, as many of us, as we are all forced into doing by the time envato moved to usa …


Your tax information will expire on 1st January 2020

So is ok if i fill form until December last two days 2019?


Sometimes questions are answered by other people. Not trying to exclude but be efficient. :slight_smile:


See my response above to @joomlastars. There’s specific information there about time zones and when periods start for us. To avoid backup withholding tax being withheld on your worldwide sales, give yourself enough time to ensure it is done and applied.

It’s always advisable to leave yourself time to fix mistakes or resolve issues. As the expiry is over the major holiday season in most countries, getting responses to questions could be delayed if you wait until the last moments to update.


I understand this, never let on the last days what you can do before.
My question is : if expire in 2020 01. is ok to submit let’s say in octomber 2019 ?



I think :slight_smile:
Best way after every three year you have to submit your tax information.
If your tax information changed or not doesn’t matter.

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@jamesgiroux i am sorry to say just this James but i do not see where my question was answered here and who gave me the information that i was expecting for. I guess this would be great if all of u envato team members could realize that - despite we like exchanging with other community members and are agreeing that other authors can definitely be helpful - sometimes this is not to other guys that we want to address but envato teams for some specific reasons (including making sure that our questions are definitely answered the right way)! this is the same for reviewing issues as well as really “technical” issues as the one dealt with in this thread … we look for crystal clear answers , really accurate ones to very serious questions and we do not ask to enjoy ourselves but because this is the kind of information that is really essential to us indeed


Why cant Envato should pay us tax for the authors?


u want them to lose money? lol do not expect anything like this lol but that could be a good idea 5555555


Thank You !
But if I was registred in 2016 ? I need resubmit =)!?