URGENT AND ANNOYED : kingdom demo file

This is absolutely ridiculous. I have spent hours of my time looking for the Kingdom demo zip file after following all the directions given by AA blah blah blah. THERE IS NO DEMO ZIP FILE! Help me find the demo zip file. Furthermore, the procedure for loading the zip file, if I had it, is archaic. Why cant there by a plug-in like one-click demo import? Gawd. Plllleeeeesssssseeeee heeelllp meee.

It is ridiculous that you spent hours looking for a zip file, but don’t beat yourself up about it… everything is going to be ok! Is it the Kingdom WooCommerce theme from @AA-Team? If so, head over to the support page here and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help…


You can find the dummy datas on the LiveDemo - http://demo.aa-team.com/tf/kingdom/.

Also you can open a ticket on support.aa-team.com if you have any problems.


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There is no dummy demo data for the kingdom theme. I need help.

Maybe there is some sort of bug on the zip file.
Try to re-download the theme again.
If not, try to contact author and see if they provide the demo.

Best regards.

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The dummy data is not in the package. You can download it from this link, each demo has a download button.


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