Uploaded MotionGraphic item takes so long for aproving.

Helo everyone!
6 days ago I uploaded a motiongraphic background and still wainting it for aproving. No rejecting or aproving. The weird thing is the logo stinger that I uploaded yesterday was rejected. It took less than 24 hours.
Why it takes so long for motiongraphic? Is it happening for everyone or reviewers just missed my item?
By the way. I can’t see in “quality.market.envato.com” page time indicator for motiongraphic. It is just missing.

Already aproved… At 7th day. Thanks!

The average over the last 9 months has been about 2-3 days for Motion Graphics review time. Every summer, averages tend to increase with team members on vacation or taking time off. We should be back to our 2-3 day average soon. Thanks for your patience.