What's the normal waiting time for submitting an item ? I've been waiting 29 days.


What are the factors in waiting time for an item to be accepted ?

Just looking for feedback on if everything in the submission process was correct.

Thank you

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Hello @brianmacdesigns

You can check waiting time from here: http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest

Thanks :slight_smile:

looks like its taking longer than ever… review turn around chart for “videohive > motion graphics”.

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Hey there,

You can make a support ticket to what happen there, the support team were very kind and friendly


Hey thanks for getting back to me.

It still has not been accepted and it’s been over a month.

Where can I make a support ticket ?

Hey There,
My item has been in review for over two months.

Unfourtunetly this waiting time is too long.

I’m considering taking my work and stock elsewhere as the support and feedback here is lacking.

Is there anyway you can help me with this issue ?

Here is a link where you can make a help ticket, so author support can answer to your issue.
In the first box you can select “Site Feedback”, which I guess is your main reason for support.
Or this link:
You can select “Market Authors” here.
Good Luck!