4 months? Busy or neglected?

Hi Guys,
Is this normal to take upto 4 months to ? Or its just me? Whats going on? Any advice?

It’s normal

I disagree - that’s not normal. If you have been waiting for 4 months for them to review your project, that’s kind of your own fault. If two weeks go by and you don’t message support to see what’s going on then I can’t really sympathize. Message them. Be vigilant.

“If two weeks go by (after the estimated time of 132 days) and you don’t message support to see what’s going on then I can’t really sympathize” would probably be better. Otherwise people are just clogging up the support desk unnecessarily.

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You know what, that sounds like a good idea! Maybe that will force them to make some changes finally.

Thanks so much guys… Will try contacting the support team. This is really demotivating.

By the way, guys how to contact support team?
Really appreciate any feedback…

@flikmotion why you disagree???
Review time for Stock Footage 133 days. http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive
4 months ≈ 120 days
Isn’t it too early to write to Envato support?
Hundreds of authors are waiting their turn for the same time

What, thin out the queue by deleting a bunch of author’s accounts?! It’s a bit harsh, but I guess it would do the job.

Where did you get that idea? Everybody’s been saying that they should hire more competent reviewers for starters. The biggest problem for me isn’t waiting time anymore, it’s the inconsistency of the criteria. I get it, they are not machines, everybody has different standards, but this is getting ridiculous. The acceptance rate is much lower than before and I understand that, but the quality of accepted items is arbitrary in my opinion, and I’m not the only one who thinks that!

What would you suggest?

The part that I dont understand is why it take to 133 days to just to take a look at a stock footage and just 6 days for a template… QC check on a stock footage should be rather faster than an AE template.

If you were the only one who uploads footages, envato would probably have checked your footages for 6 days

Looking at the AE page and going back to page 5… 150 items have been approved in the last 5/6 days. Look at the same for stock footage, and 150 items have been approved in the last 2/3 days. So the stock footage files are being reviewed a lot quicker then AE projects, it’s just that there are so many videos to go through.


Yeah, this makes sense.

Yeah I didn’t realize he was submitting stock footage and thought those were AE projects…I guess he’s SOL if the review times are 120 days for stock. Good luck!

I already said it. Seems doable to me.[quote=“SimpleStock, post:10, topic:109763”]
hire more competent reviewers

And also, fire the bad ones.