Review pending too long?

Hi, on July 4th I sent a project and on July 8th I got a review asking to do some corrections on this project, I sent it again corrected on july 10th but didn’t get any other review since. Can you guys take a look at it?

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Send a Suport Ticket about delay

Thanks, can you tell me where I can do that? Cant find anywhere.


@JoshuaDaluz Video template wait times usually fall between 3-7 days, and can temporarily extend longer during the summer months when we’re short staffed. I didn’t find any items pending in the queue under your account, but I see that you have a soft-rejected project that has not yet been resubmitted for review. Please make sure you’re using the link from the rejection email to correct any issues and resubmit the project with revisions.

Hi Thanks for answer. Yes I use the link from the soft rejection. Gonna try again.