Item review time Submitted 8 days ago

The official Review Turnaround For VideoHive Motion Graphics is 4 days.

Have been waiting for 8 days today.

Keep in mind that…

Times are indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days.

There’s not much reviewing over the weekend, but hopefully they’ll get to it on Monday.

I’ve been waiting for after effects script for 10 days today.

Videohive item submitted 17 days ago still waiting for review.

Submitted 10 days ago | Delete?

I’ve been waiting for 3 months, is this normal?

Are you sure that you’ve uploaded a motion graphics item? 3 monthes for motion graphics it’s too lot. I guess you’ve uploaded stock footage item. Right?

I requested a review of the “add-on” item.
But 17 days have passed since I waited for the review.