Review time about

Hi, How many long it takes to review item, I submit 7 item, they approve 4 item in 5th day, and the rest 3 is still pending. Today is 6th day. Catagory motion graphics

Here’s Review Turnaround For VideoHive. But looks like there are rejected (maybe). Check the “spam” folder, maybe letters about rejection are over there

Thanks for reply . I see my submitted item on queue . no getting any mail for rest item.that are still pending

If you see your submitted item on queue, you just need to wait. Weekends increase the number of days in the queue. Other factors may also influence this. It’s always different numbers of days. In the “Review Turnaround For VideoHive” list, indicated approximate value

I was waiting for 4 days even if the time on quality was 2 days. Be patient :slight_smile: