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Hello everyone i am new author and i interested about i trying to upload my project but its hardly rejected can someone help me to prepare exaclty project to upload

Hello! If your project has been Hard Rejected, you cannot re-upload it. But you can show a preview of your rejected item here so other authors can point out your mistakes. This way you can avoid mistakes when creating the next project

Try Try till you suceed

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Hello everyone
@Romlam I have the same problem “I downloaded 4 projects but all are rejected”

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Thank you @romlam for your answer
Please find in this link 3D Opener Valentine’s Day the template that has been permanently rejected
please i need your help
thank you so much

  • looks outdated (3D graphics sample 2003)
  • because of the colors, the background looks dirty and dull at the beginning
  • animation and camera movement are too rough
  • the logo does not interact with animation and 3D elements in any way (the logo just appears with transparency)
  • any idea is missing (just a box, just open, just a logo)

At the moment the project is not ready for this market

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Thank you @romlam

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