Hello ... why u think my item got rejected ?

hey guys … i need some help here please … can u tell me why my item’s got Rejected ?

"3D Music React Logo "

Soldiers 3D Logo intro

Element 3D Lines Logo

The second one could be amazing! But the texts are too simple. They don’t fit with the concept.


thank you bro :smiley: … so if i change the text & Upload it Again is it gonna work ?? or once it rejected i can’t upload the file anymore ?

Add more detail. Dust or smthng. Change font. Don`t use “your text here”, write something actual.


Thank You So Much Bro … I’ll Change the text & add some particles to the Scene :smiley:

For the first one, the yellow bars have to move individually like a wave form, not all together and maybe add some glitch / Camera impact. Try to “energize” elements (especially the yellow ones) with glows and transparency maybe to get things less flat.

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If you make big changes you could try to submit it again. Make somthing that will make you say “wow”. And the dust idea is great too.

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thank you so much bro :smiley: i will work on it again :smiley: :smiley:

thank you bro … the thing is … the yellow bar’s are Element 3D rectangles … i made them resize by the audio Keyframes … is there any tutorial to make them move individually like u said ?? … the glitch is a great idea … maybe add some flares

I am not a specialist of Elements.
Simple Idea: create 3-5 yellow bar objects linked differently to audio.
The result will be more detailed.

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sounds good idea … I’ll Try it :heart_eyes:

first video; Let the logo be one piece. tagline is just text. I like the project very much. the other projects are very nice, but the titles seem to be amateurs according to the project.

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thank you :smiley: … ok ill made it in one piece at the end … the other project ill change the text to 3d text i think it will look better :heart_eyes: thank u for your feedback bro :smiley: