Upload button on Author Dashboard Not Working

I’m trying to use the ‘Upload your first item’ button on my Author Dashboard, but whenever I press it, it redirects me back to my Author Dashboard. Am I doing something incorrectly, or is there a bug with the button?

yes, when you will upload any item to get review then at the end of upload process it will redirect you to your dashboard and in right sidebar you will find your new upload item which will show in the review queue.

I don’t even get taken to a place where I can upload an item. The ‘Upload your first item’ button simply does not function. It does not show a place to upload anything; it does not show a place where an upload is getting renewed. The button simply refreshes the page, nothing new is changed about the page. Attached is an image of the screen and button that I’m referring to.

out of interest - I can’t see Exclusive Author badge in your profile. may we know you have joined as an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Author?

Non-Exclusive Author


you can check it with another browser.
otherwise Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.