Where is the "upload" button at my Dashboard?

I cant find the upload button at my dashboard. Iam a new author, after Envato check my portfolio. There is just a button to my profile. Have I to a special think at my profile before I can upload photos? I think I wrote all my informations and banners…
Hope anyone can help.


Photo uploads have been momentarily suspended :slight_smile: Please see this announcement.


man i am searching to death for a button to upload. cant photodune simply put an information instead of the button?

If this is for photodune then they are not allowing any new submissions currently which is why there is no button

Thank you, I was looking for the option and driving me crazy… I know, I know, I should read before the announcements :slight_smile:

No problem at all. We should have done a better job of explaining it :smiley: