Updating JNews - what about the imported theme?

Hello, probably a dumb question:

I have downloaded the files for my JNews update. Can I proceed deleting the old version and updating/reactivating the new one, keeping into account that I have a Science News theme installed?

In other words, to I need any additional operation performed as concerned the style, before updating?



Check this documentation

Hope will helped!

Still any question get in touch with your purchase item author @jegtheme right here as a comments



First thing most important please keep a full backup before doing any update.

Then you can do in this way:

If you have done all customization coding for your website in child theme and didn’t customize parent theme then you can download theme updated version and can upload (parent theme) to your hosting themes folder using ftp which will replace old themes files.

But if you have customize parent theme coding for your website requirements then if you upload updated theme then all your customization work will be gone.

Another way you can request to theme author to assist you how to proceed. contact theme author or post a commnets in theme comments page and let them know. Theme Author will assist you.