Newspaper Theme update

I have the Newspaper theme in my website from july 2018.
I have never updated the theme since then.
¿What happens if I never update the theme?
I’ve just try to update it and the consecuences are very bad. The website design result has nothing to with the original design. I had to do a recovery backup to leave it to the previous state.
Thanks the author has made quite a lot of updates since then (for reference @tagDiv are one of the most respected authors on envato so the theme is highly unlikely to have any issues).

Although in theory updating (done properly) should not create issues - such a jump from 2018 to the latest copy could well be troublesome and there may be a process that needs to be followed.

Not updating means that you are running outdated versions - this has potential security, compatibility and feature issues, and is highly unadvisable

Thanks for the reply.
I understand then that a jump form the 2018 version to current version is the problem.
¿Is there any possibility to download all update versions from version 8.7.5 to 10.3.1?
If there is, I could update one by one.
Kind regards.

That is not possible unless the author will send you all those updates via some private channels which is unlikely (he may not even have all those versions anymore). Your best bet is to contact the author and ask him if he doesn’t have some sort of guide on how to update the theme from such an old version.


Thank you for reaching us and for your kind words. Please note that our software has developed a lot lately and if you did not keep up with our updates, now, when you will make the bigger salt at the new update you can encounter some problems. So, to avoid that, I strongly recommend making a full backup to your database and also, you can create a new subdomain for testing where you will need to have the latest version of the theme and try to adjust or redesign your website at the new technology. Also, if you need more technical assistance, you can open a new support ticket from here -> and we are ready to help you or guide you to the right direction.
Best regards!
Catalin L.

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Thanks for you quick reply.
I have already done all the trials in a website clone.
I will summit a support ticket.