Never got an update of newspaper theme

I have purchased a theme almost one year back, i always receive email from your side download latest update for newpaper theme . But when I login to my account i never found latest update there, please provide me lastest update download. Thank You.

If you download whichever version is in your downloads list ( assuming you are logged in ), then that will be the most up to date version

Hi, there is no such download, i have logged in and didnt find any download, please provide me update or refund my money back with interest. Thank You
please check screen shot I have logged in.

It looks like you didn’t buy the file or any other from that account.

Do you have the receipt/confirmation in our email that will tell you the username with which the purchase was made.

If you think that you did then you need to contact envato

I have a purchase code. Can share purchase code here?

If you have the p/code send it to envato who will be able to help you identify the account which it was purchased with etc.

The only reason that it would not be in your downloads page is:

  1. It was purchased under a different account
  2. The payment was reversed/refunded etc. whereby the file is removed from your account

Either way envato will be able to clarify it and both would explain why you never got the update email