I once purchased a Newspaper Theme

I once purchased a Newspaper Theme license, my product must be in my Envato account, but be surprised that it does not exist. Was it deleted? Please explain the reason for deleting it.

The most likely explanation would be that you’ve used a different account for the purchase. There is no reason why would Envato removed it from your account unless you’ve refunded it or the item was removed from the marketplace. But that particular theme still exists on ThemeForest.


Please download your purchased theme from your Dashboard Download tab. Go to Downloads and download from there (Assuming you are loggedin in envato market).

If you can’t find the purchased theme in your Download page then please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


thank you for replying
But with this account, buy the template, and because I did not find it in my account, and I did not retrieve it, nor do I have another account other than this, I no longer have anything other than the e-mail messages that I received when I bought the template, but I am not interested.

There is no downloads list
I want a way to open a note
Please send the link for support
Because I do not know where the support expected you support

FYI the emails should be addressed to the relevant account name but either way support tickets are here Envato Market Help and Support

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FYI read your other thread

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Hello @Toumast,

Thank you for your interests i our theme! Did you have request a theme refund, in the meantime? If you have once bought a Newspaper Theme license, your product should be in your Envato account, so that you can download it anytime you need it. Also, the theme’s updates are free for a lifetime. Please note that one license can be used on a single website. If you cannot find your license into your Envato account, please address their support service - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us. If you need technical assistance with using the Newspaper Theme, please send us an email at contact@tagdiv.com or open a new topic on forum.tagdiv.com.

Thank you!
Catalin L.