Updating a Plugin

One of the plugins that I purchased through Envato has been updated. (Events Plus) I downloaded the updated plugin and tried to install it but it won’t let me since that plugin is already installed. Do I need to delete the outdated plugin before uploading the updated one? If I do, will I loose all my settings etc?

You may need to delete it but first ask the plugin author. Unfortunately you are currently asking in the General forums section. You need to go on the item’s page and click on the “comments” tab to connect with the developer :+1:

Thanks so much for your response.

I have tried to submit a ticket to the author, but the ticket won’t accept my purchase code. Any ideas?

Their ticket system might be broken, can’t say. But your query is pretty common and many other customers already asked and got the same answer in the comments section

Referencing author response from link above:

Hi, just deactivate, delete, and upload the new plugin. Your events are saved in the database so they will remain intact .

Thanks very much!

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