API Code Option not available in settings

I have just purchased a plugin uploaded it and I need to add the API from Envato when I follow the instructions to my settings there is no API option on the menu, therefore I cannot find this and activate the plugin. Can someone please help me?

Which plugin did you purchase?

The legacy API is in the process of being decommissioned with very low rate limits in place (some currently completely inaccessible) so the author needs to update to use the new API which is documented at https://build.envato.com

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OK so how do I get my plugin working?

Which plugin did you purchase? This will help us evaluate whether we need to reach out to individual authors to get changes made.

I would start by contacting the author and letting them know that their verification mechanism is deprecated and they should move to the newer endpoints to continue using the functionality. It’s been pretty well publicised this is happening so they should have started making a move towards it in their recent updates.

It is the EventOn plugin.

@simonelourens I am having the same problem and am going insane with all the API creation nonsense (which I don’t need), when all I want is to activate my EventON plugin. I have written to the helpdesk but they expect you to wait 48 hours. Yeesh.

I too need the API for EventOn. It was fine last week. Has it moved? Thank you.

Hi @simonelourens, @swisshacker, @IMGAUK,

The “API keys” menu is back under your settings menu again. As Jacob mentioned this is part of the legacy API which we are in the process of decommissioning. To our surprise there are still some themes which are using the legacy API for purchase validation, so we’ve stopped our progress until we can communicate again with those authors and have them move to the modern API.

For now, please feel free to generate new legacy API keys in your user settings. When we have confirmed that all authors are aware of the change and are ready to move, we’ll be posting a new forum topic with the details.

My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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Thank you so much!