Unlimited Music Download Package Doesn't Work

This is so frustrating. I purchased a year subscription in order to get unlimited music downloads. I am on deadline and need to deliver a project and I have spent two hours trying to work out why the track ‘Retro Drum Solo’ by Mix-O is available to purchase for $29 when I am not signed in but after I sign in it is nowhere to be found in the results when searching all tracks with the search terms ‘retro drum solo jazz’. Am I making a stupid error or do they simply try to entice you to buy the subscription without stating somewhere in the fine print that actually not all tracks are included in this unlimited download package?
Thank you in advance for your help.

On the pricing page of Envato Elements it is mentioned that Envato Market is not the same as Envato Elements ( screenshot )

Everything on Envato Elements (link) is accessible to you for unlimited downloads, however, everything on Envato Market is per license purchase based.

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