Unfair hard reject

Uploaded your item. Waited all week. Received a soft rejection. Yesterday we received a hard rejection with a reason:

What does it mean? Is it possible to upload again? Where to find these “minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to”?

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In cetrain categories, there might be technical standards and expectations, but generally, because items should be unique, the minimum requirements refer to best practice delivery rather than specific or listed rules.

If you share your demo here then someone may be able to offer advice.

Typically you cannot resubmit hard rejections unless you make significant changes to improve and differentiate from what you had previously

This is, based on the message from the inspector, about the technical requirements.
So you wrote that your technical standards and expectations can exist.

This is where we can get acquainted with these technical standards and expectations?

Uniqueness, as I understand it, does not belong to the “technical requirement”

So if for example you are building a WP theme then there are expectations such as https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472383-WordPress-Theme-Requirements

However these are not the only things that will need to be adhered to eg there will be coding best practice, premium functionality, design cleanliness etc that all need to be taken into consideration too and are not outlined here.

Also the same lists do not exist for as examples HTML templates, plugins etc

Ok, if we wrote a system on PHP. What then will be the “minimum technical requirements” that the members of the Envato quality team love to write about?

I don’t believe there are set ones like with WordPress but this article covers some common issues https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000536823-Common-Rejection-Factors-CodeCanyon and more often than not it’s something fairly clear or simple.

Share your demo link here and you can get suggestions and feedback

You know, we read this document. And, in principle, we did not find explicit reasons for rejection in this document, since all conditions were met.

As for the demo, we cannot give it in the public domain, before the product is approved, so as not to submit an idea for reflection to others, because all the authors on this market place are competitors)). If you want to personally look and make sure that we are right, or vice versa, to refute, telling us that we are NOT right, we can provide you with a demo and all the necessary registration data in PM

We are not keen on offering ideas privately for various reasons but also as we’re not deeply experienced in PHP so wouldn’t suitable to offer advice beyond the front end etc.

Out of interest what was the soft rejection message?

While it’s your choice and the concern is understandable -

  • unfortunately, if an item is getting hard rejected then sharing links publicly is the best option to get actual feedback from a mix of authors and buyers.

  • If an item is hard rejected then there is no value or likely desire for anyone to copy it.

  • (don’t take this the wrong way) most people who share the ‘it will be copied concerns’ are those who are so invested in their items that they are unable to see even the most obvious issues

The best advice we could offer is to search envato for similar items and understand what they are/are not offering and work on evolving both design and functionality or features of your item.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you:

  1. We already uploaded our work in August, and, very strange, it was approved as soon as possible, literally in a few hours, with only one soft reject. Then we made a decision to remove our product for revision. And now after 4 months of work, we are trying to do it again

  2. If the work is hard rejected, then why make soft rejects indicating errors, problems, inaccuracies. Do not you think this is a waste of time, both authors and members of the Envato Quality Team?

  3. The fact of the matter is that we did not try to create a product whose analogues are on the market place. We studied similar products, we read people’s reviews of these products in order to understand what they really lack. We took this into account and implemented in our project. We also took into account trends and standards in order to implement the functionality in our system with a reserve and demand for the future. We have even more ideas and functionality in store for the future. But they don’t even give us the smallest chance …

  4. As indicated by the topic, our concept satisfies the policies and rules of the site, but something is missing. Naturally, the team will not say anything about this, but will make a hard refusal, again referring to the “minimum technical requirements”

Understand that the question is not why our product was rejected, but that some abstract things are indicated as the reason, again, for example, “minimal quiet requirements” that none of the authors have ever seen.

With this policy, Envato’s entire load turns into a lottery: if a member of the quality team personally likes the product, he will approve it, or if he is in a good mood. Even more generalized - there are no product evaluation standards (and if there are, then most likely they are intended for members of the quality team, and the authors can only guess what kind of standards there are)

I’ll even assume that a certain subjectivity affects decision-making, which should not be the principle …

Subjectivity will always exist in any 3rd party marketplace - it’s unavoidable.

That all said - once items are removed they are not allowed to be resubmitted (that will include amended or evolved versions of the same thing) https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821400-How-do-I-remove-my-items-for-sale-and-what-happens-when-I-do-

We are not reviewers so couldn’t comment on if that is a potential cause in this situation but it could be.

It seems to me that if there was a reason for this, then it would be indicated with a hard reject, but unfortunately, the reason indicated is completely different. Or am I wrong?

The review process has to be more transparent, as it stands now I would rate it 2 at best 3 stars and that is too much!

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I completely agree with you, but we, the authors, cannot influence this in any way, and nothing can be done … it is very annoying and not fair

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We can at least speak about this on the forum at some point if enough of us are here something will change for the better.

Please note that on this forгm, most topics are devoted to just the same rejections. If Envato wanted to change something or at least listened to the authors, they had already done something …

I am not in any way suggesting that the process is ideal but as you said there are lots of similar threads, however not a huge number provide any (realistic) suggestions to improve the process.

Both you and @FWDesign are experienced authors so I’m sure envato would welcome practical solutions. What would that look like?

As already said @FWDesign it would be more sufficient if the assessment process were transparent.

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