UNDECIDED! What's the most valued Theme including Visual Composer?

What’s the most valued Theme including Visual Composer?

I CAN’T DECIDE!!! :smiley:

Kleo’s pretty beefy.

What do you think about X Theme or Avada?

The popular lists are engineered to exploit people’s herd mentality and so not surprised to read your decision has come down to the two most absolute popular themes :joy: :joy:

I wonder why you think the “right” theme is the one everyone else bought? Perhaps the right theme is the one that addresses your specific business needs instead. Try to highlight what your requirements are and cross check with either theme.

If your feeling bold, extend your research to the many other themes that aren’t in the popular list but surely as good if not better for your specific needs.


You’re right of course. I just wanted to buy a high-valued package to play with and see what one can do without buying a new theme or plugin every single time.
I use Layers Pro from Obox, it’s super easy to use but the options are limited.

According to the ads the X Theme seems to be the most valued one…

There is nothing different between the top seller themes, regardless of what anyone advertises. Just more demos, which you can do with any other one.

What you should look for is support. Try to see who has the most resources available for you, as a customer. Even here, they’re almost all quite the same. Personally, the only theme that looks very good is Salient, any designer in his right mind will tell you that. But there’s also Stockholm and Uncode :slight_smile:

The X Theme is nice for large, single page layouts(at least that’s what I’ve used it for)–but you should know that, if you get X-Theme, your going to find that their own CornerStone page builder is much more emphasized and supported within the theme than Visual Composer. Depending on what you’re looking to do, this might not be a big deal…or it might make all the difference.

Avada and X-Theme doesn’t have Visual Composer. As @Typps said, try to explain your needs and then choose a theme according to them.

Find your niche theme. I think it’s the best choice.

Are you sure that X-Theme does not have Visual Composer? Their page says they do.

I bought the X-theme a little while ago and it came with the VC but not an activation key (If I recall correctly)…

Maybe they added it after…

They have more demos does not mean they have more functionals :smiley:
You could create 100 portfolio sites, but you can’t create an app store :smiley: