Theme Choice Avada vs Enfold vs X vs Sahifa


Basically - I can’t decide between these four themes and I’m paranoid that I’ll end up wasting what little money I have on the wrong one and then want to kick myself afterwards.

Here is what I’m looking for:

  1. Easy to customize without a million options that if you click here, you have to click five other spots to get it to work correctly.
  2. Home Page - Being able to have categories set up as sections
  3. Ability to remove things such as tags, categories, author name from the post itself.
  4. Integration of Social Media easily
  5. Zero to little coding experience required
  6. Featured Images - I have the worst time with these, so want the ability to hide them in the post itself, but have them as the featured image on the post on the main page. I don’t want these in the post itself

My current website looks awful after a …not so pleasant experience with a few themes.
I’m linking my website here (as per community rules) as it will show how awful it looks atm.

These are themes I’ve used and disliked:
Ifeature Pro - I tried valiantly to use this one for awhile, but ultimately, stopped using it.
Suffusion - I don’t want a theme that is similar to this one in any manner.

Themes I liked:
Sunspot (current)

Any help or input to help me decide would be greatly appreciated.


This is a rather worthless forum for users and not creators of threads.
One thing I despise about wordpress users…nobody wants to assist others unless they can use that reply to advertise their own item.

Review sites about themes are worthless due to affiliate sales so you never get a true review of a theme.

All about the dollar.

Consider this thread closed. I’ll take my business elsewhere.