Uncode theme layout issue with header menu

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue with Uncode’s header menu.

It appears to me that it takes up layout space, i.e. it leaves behind a non-0% height element when minimized.

When scrolling, this is not really noticeable as it tends to occur when the viewer has already scrolled away from the top of the page. But when briefly going back up, you’ll see - for a moment - the black HTML background appear, before the menu slides back in.

On a regular page, this isn’t a big issue. But when creating a vertical scroll-sliding page (section snap), it becomes a vertical centering nightmare, because I would think that the menu should be a pure overlay, enabling me to use full page photo backgrounds. As it’s currently implemented, the menu has it’s designated place at the top of the sections container (the one containing all sections), but upon scrolling, it becomes position:fixed. This also causes a slight jank when scrolling only a tiny bit: it would briefly disappear, then reappear.

It would be great to have the option to set the menu to position:fixed (pure overlay) from the gitgo, in order to really work full-page, v-centered elements.

What’s your opinion on it?


Contact with your purchase item author @undsgn right here as a comments

Or support ticket using @undsgn’s support system:

Hope they will helped!