Navigating through the Travel Blog Demo

Cannot get the top menu bar in black remove, and position horizontally across the top of the demo page, also the date inside and the author box the page is to position under the demo page instead of the top.
Hi Support,
My transaction code is [Q*ZmlJr0PWsLxgJjDmW2Oj8x]

I have an issue with WPTotal Theme and the Travel Blog Demo. It is to do with the display of the Main Header menu. For the same view, the same browser but different admin users, there is a different Header Menu showing.

What I see

What other users see when they login to my site. There is no black bar with the pulldown menu at the top.

I would like it to look like the second screenshot.

What I have done to fix it:

  • I have cleared browser cache
  • I have changed browsers using both Chrome and FireFox with the same result
  • I have cleared all history from both browsers
  • I have purged all caches from within WordPress under Performance – Purge All Caches
  • I have checked my settings under Appearance  Customize -> Menus ->Travel Menu and checked Main/Header
  • And still I see a different display to what other users see.

Please can you help me to fix the issue. Could there be some screen setting or user setting or preference that is unique to me as the user?

Thank you so much for your time and support.
Carson C Ifill


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