Wordpress theme with main MENU floating above the header

I’m searching Wordpress Theme with main menu floating above the header. Like this :

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What you’re trying to achieve ( checking out your other topics ) to get a theme for your custom design project. In some cases, you may be able to get 80/90% of the similarity ( if you’re lucky ) with one theme but at the end, you will need to hire some one to get the actually job done.

Yes. And the person I will hire is me. So If I could find a theme which allows me to do what I list in topic (menu + category) with adaptations.
We previously found on themeforest but I have the impression that the themes are all more and more uniform.

You can try to use elementor header and footer plugin to build your header and with css class to make custom.

Is a good solution, if you don’t find a theme like that.