Uncode: why do I have double menu entries?

Hi all,

I bought this last year but I only decided to install it now, so I’m off the support time limit…
The whole set up is super un-intuitive.

I’ve just installed the demo content and I already have a bug: double menu entries.
Does anyone know why this would happen?



You would need to go to Dashbiard -> Apperance -> Menus and from there, you can remove menus that you do not need.
Let us know if that works out.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes that’s what I’ve done but on other parts of the site the menu is still a mess.
This Uncode theme is very buggy.
I think now that I’d better go with Squarespace rather than Wordpress…

I think it is better to get someone help you with your web site ( who is his job ) and you focus on the Business SIde of things, instead of switching around:)

I think that because of theme and plugin incompatibilities there are going to be problems every time there’s an update.