Unbelievably Horrible Search "Update"

Yes, I’m aware Envato is running “tests”.

However - as of now - Best Match and sorting by Sales return the same results.

Did you have a niche term where your item was visible in those searches? Well, if there’s a massive hit using that term as a tag, it’s now at the top of the search, followed by all the other top sellers.

We might as well forget about new items altogether.

This is truly outrageous. I can’t even begin to understand what’s going on.

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Hi there

The tests should only be affecting category pages and not searches, searches should be showing best match. We have discovered a bug when looking into your issue where the text under the search box was saying a different sort than ‘best match’ (eg, ‘best sellers’) but the results were still showing best match as intended. We’re about to deploy a fix for that bug.

Can you please confirm if the actual results are showing ‘best sellers’ after performing a search?

Thanks, we’re looking into it.

I’ve also experienced this bug now. The search shows “Best rated” instead of “Best match”. Then if you switch it to “Best rated” and then back to “Best match” true search results will show up.

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The same thing, when you first click on a word query, it shows a “trending items”. With the second click shows as it should “best match”. Bug.

What are the motivation of placing the monopoly keyword club in the category pages as well?

I’m tempted to ask: Is it to lift the mood of unhappy bestsellers who donate every 3rd of their sales to pay for the advertisement of the site that systematically kills their market sales?

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The tracks displayed under default Best Match are the same as the Best Sellers. Choosing Trending Items shows results similar to but not the same as what were previously Best Match.

When I search Rock, Best Sellers and trending items are the same, except the first track in Trending items.

Ok I hope this is an unintended mistake:

Now Happy, Epic, Indie Rock, Jazz keywords etc all gets routed to more or less the same best sellers in the search.

We’ve deployed a fix to all Markets for this except GR (needs a separate fix). Searches should return to best match as soon as the cache clears, usually a couple hours. Thanks for reporting this issue.

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My default Best Match search returned results like your Best Sellers search.

Trending returned results identical to yours.

Best Sellers was similar to Best Match, with the addition of 2 or 3 higher selling tracks in the first positions.

In every single case - huge sellers with thousands of sales dominated the search results.


Are you talking about the keywords I mentioned as well? Will these be restored to how they were? Meaning new items show up, not best sellers?

EDIT: looks like the keywords are back to normal.

Yes, I also see that it seems to be fixed.

My the search for betrays why the tracks 2012. At the beginning of any category. What kind of bug?