Themeforest best match vs. best sellers

@rosssimpson It’s Showing Best Seller but it should show Best Match

What is Happening? Please Fix this we are loosing our sales


It looks like sorting items by release date results in items appearing in a messy order too 2022's Newest Premium WordPress themes from ThemeForest

It’s still should be Best Match not Best Sellers as the main search on by default.

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On the main page, ThemeForest has a search field and the results of the search sorting by Best Match BUT when I use the new search at the header it shows Best Sellers results that is not relevant to expectations, so it should be sorted by Best Match as the main search.

Because when I search for something I get isn’t relevant results for a keyword at all. Anything but not my competitors and not relevant things, because it’s not logical, it just shows old items with a higher count of sales than relevant items.


It works properly on mobile but not on the desktop btw


I agree that search should return results by best match of the word or words searched.
I cannot understand why it work on a mobile and not the desktop because I assume both are one and the same.

I can see in code view they do have the results returning as sales -

Hi all. I can confirm that staff are aware of this issue - it’s connected to some other work that’s being done within ThemeForest at the moment, and won’t be visible to all users.

All customers should see the previous default search settings again next week.


Hi Ben,

Any progress on showing Bestrated products higher on home pages?


@BenLeong the issue is still there btw.

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@BenLeong @Duck-Themes @charlie4282

I think the issue here is sort by - for example if I go on Codecanyon and search for items related to the word “support” then I would expect to see items for sale which offer scripts dealing with support or support desks, or knowledgebases.

Because it is returning the search criteria Best Sellers, then as shown below in the screenshot, it doesn’t give me the results I am looking for:

Not any of that list compares to what I want it to find for me.

If I click on “Best Match” then at least the pages return scripts that are related to support.

I think if you are using a Search Box then it should at least work on PC, Mac and Mobile and it should return the complete results needed.


@BenLeong Still not resolved, please clarify that, Is envato testing something or it’s a bug?

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Hi @WordpressRiver. The team working on this has just confirmed that the change has been reverted, and the Best Match filters should all now be working as normal.

This was related to another test, but that was ended earlier today.