Unable to pay from Skrill Balance ?

Can somebody from Envato pls advise why I’m not able to make a purchase from Skrill Balance ?

I uploaded $40 from my Credit Card earlier today.

Is $40 awaiting clearance from Skrill, so new Balance is reflected ?

Seeing that Envato Credit System has been removed, is there another method to pay from a balance ( instead of using Credit Card each & every time ) ?

Thanks in Advance

I am not from Envato, and don’t have experience with this, but what I see there you are trying to pay $7 and you have only $4.91 and of course that transaction can not be made.

Also, there is “You available balance excludes 40.00 USD…” - and I am sure that have nothing to do with Envato. If you could move USD from your MasterCard to your Skrill balance then probably you could pay. Otherwise, you probably will need to use your MasterCard.

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Skrill balance is showing $44.91

It seems funds have cleared from the Card to the Wallet.

I have never used Skrill, but I have seen this problem before – it was also with a balance uploaded from Mastercard, and they were not able to use those funds. I unfortunately do not remember how it ended.

The small text in your screenshot sounds pretty concerning. You should contact Skrill’s support about that $40 to see why you are not able to use it for payments.

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Thanks Bailey.

I’ve never had any problems making payment to Envato using Skrill Wallet balance.

I’ve contacted Skrill on the same.

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