Skrill Problem



Im trying to make a deposit via Skrill but the website keep telling me

“Sorry, we cannot complete your payment at this time”

Back to merchant

I don`t even have a chance to enter my informations…

What is the problem?



please be so kind as to open a ticket with support here : describing the issue including all possible details so we can further assist you.




I opened ticket this morning. #NUJ-264-39173

Now I attached a screenshot to

gulevski said


I opened ticket this morning. #NUJ-264-39173

Now I attached a screenshot to

I’ve forwarded your ticket number, but please be patient as the reply can take a while. Thank you!


I am having same issue…please help!


same. i tried to add to my balance with an american express credit card, visa credit card, and mastercard debit card and all three were given errors. american express sent me a message about the charge being fraudulent but even after i authorized the transaction it still wouldn’t go through. other two cards didn’t work at all. seems something is off on the skrill side?


Having the same issue. Weird, b/c a few days ago I purchased a theme no problem.


Update: I contacted my bank and actually authorized the transactions yet I’m still getting the cannot process payment error. Ticket is open, hopefully someone can fix this. I’m wondering if it’s the ‘Verified by Visa’ prompt that’s causing us an issue?


I paid for a theme, received the payment confirmation on my e-mail…but no theme to download!
This was today.
That is the worst that can happen in a site like this.
Already sent an e-mail to the