Skrill payment

I tried to pay for some items here via Skrill. It wouldn’t accept my MasterCard, but I saw I could use the card to add money to my account, like I do here. I assumed I would be able to pay you through them using my credit., but after I paid them I noticed it said in my balance page that I can’t pay merchants using money I deposited with them. I think you should review your use of Skrill, because it’s unintuitive and won’t accept MasterCard! I now need to figure out what the hell I can do to get my money back from them as it’s totally useless to me where it is now.
What a waste of time - and I’m concerned I won’t be able to get my money back.


Skrill has been reinstated as a payment option

How do I purchase an item?

You can open a Envato Help TIcket They would like to assist you:


this is the problem…


I called Skrill and they were most unhelpful - apparently I am screwed unless I can transfer the money to a bank account or another Skrill member - I assume Envato has a Skrill account? If so am I able to transfer the money to that and then use it to buy what’s in my cart?
What a mess!

Envato Support: Can I please get an answer on this? I am very unhappy about how this is being handled.

You can open a Envato Help TIcket They would like to assist you:

You can buy bitcoins with your non gambling money, and then transfer it back to $. You will lose few dollars during a process, but you will have your ‘‘gambling’’ money available right away.

gambling? This was to buy stuff here.

I transferred the money to my bank account, so it’s all sorted now - I lost a few bucks but at least it’s over and I’ll close the Skrill account and never ever use them again.

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