Payment declined by skrill

hi this the message i received from skrill:

"We are unable to process this payment.

Your account has been temporarily restricted to confirm your account usage. You have received an email with further details. If you have not received the email please contact our"

how ever its the same card i have use to pay for all other templates on the evanto platform. they have also requested for my ids like driver license and other documents but still they have restricted my payment.whats all this about preventing me from payments mean while all former payments from the same card went through.

please help .its anowing and fostrating me


Check this

Still any query get in touch with envato elements help center they would like to assist you.



thanks for the response.
Please assist me in other means to pay for the service and if possible how do i load my avento credit without any challenges.

Hi envato credit does not exist anymore you can only purchase.
credit load is removed from envato system.