Unable to download new theme

I purchased a couple new themes and went to upload /download the new theme and received a malware report and was unable to download the theme to the website.


Our Developers are aware of the issue and are quickly working on a fix.


Do you have any idea on the timeframe. I’m in a project crunch

I’ve heard some reports that it’s working again for some people. But I can’t confirm yet. Hopefully it will be soon.

Not yet fixed for me.

You can get around it by going to Chrome’s settings, click “Show more” or “Advanced”, and disable “protect my device from dangerous sites”

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Or use a different browser if that works :grin:

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I have used both Firefox & Chrome - same issue. Getting warnings on all my downloads. Awaiting reply per the fix.

Good afternoon,
I bought the theme: “Car Repair Services & Auto Mechanic WordPress Theme” and it does not download, browsers consider it a virus.
What’s going on??

With Firefox the same issue.
We’ll wait for the fix, subscribe here to be notified when it’s fixed (click the upper-right button named “Subscribe to updates”):

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To keep all discussions about this issue in one place, Matt has just posted an announcement here:

I’ll close this thread now - please check the main announcement thread for updates. You can also subscribe to updates on the official incident report here.