Possible Virus or Malware in theme

My computer is advising me to not download the most recent update for one my themes. The theme is “Woodstock - Responsive WooCommerce Theme”

I contacted support from the theme author and he advised to me ask you fellas directly.


Our Developers are aware of the issue and are quickly working on a fix.


Thank you, can you please notify me when it’s fixed asap.

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I am getting the same message from Chrome.

To be notified when it will be fixed, please click the upper-right button “Subscribe to updates” from this status page:


I subscribed, but this status update says that it is only happening with chrome. That is incorrect, it is happening to me in firefox as well.

I know, I’m also using Firefox, but I will be patient :slight_smile: I know they are working hard to fix the issue and I prefer to know they are working on the issue, not on the issue description. :hugs:


I’m having the same issue, can’t download anything in both firefox and chrome, say virus. but edge browser works fine

I’m getting a malware notification for a theme which I’m attempting to download via Firefox.

I purchased some text styles on GR and I’m getting the same message (on Firefox, as well as Chrome). Capture

To keep all discussions about this issue in one place, Matt has just posted an announcement here:

I’ll close this thread now - please check the main announcement thread for updates. You can also subscribe to updates on the official incident report here.