Themeforest Downloads fail on Google Chrome 45



Hello Envato,

We just wanted to report one issue that is happening on the latest version of Chrome 45.x .

When we download any file from themeforest (on our testing Layer Slider and other themes) this message is appearing when download is finished:

We tested this on 3 different Mac-s that where on the latest version of Chrome.

This will have bad impact to the ordinary users who buy themes from themeforest.

Any thought about this? Do anyone know why this is happening?

Thank you.

Envato Downloads Flagged By Newest Chrome
i can't download the bridge theme "is not commonly downloaded" and "dangerous"


Same problem over here, it only seems to be happening with Chrome.
Maybe someone from the Envato Team like @KingDog or @scottwills will view this post, but I will still suggest to submit a ticket about this issue.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon :smiley:


It’s a common problem nowadays with Google Chrome. Try using any external download manager.


It’s happening for us too. We’re assuming that everything is ok but it’s a bit unnerving to have the download suspended and that kind of warning pop up before completion. Is this something that Envato can fix or is it more of a Chrome issue?


Some googling shows this issue has been around for years in Chrome and there isn’t a set cure. Hopefully another chrome update comes out in the next few days to resolve the issue. Some posts mention that the site should be verified through Google Webmaster Tools. So maybe Envato needs to verify ownership of their AWS bucket(s) in order to stop this issue.


Gotcha. We always use Chrome and never saw the issue until just recently. Hopefully Envato can do what you mentioned or figure out why it’s flagging their files specifically.


Chrome has all kinds of issues since v45 was released.

I received the same error message the other day downloading an item.

I figured it had to do with Chrome’s new packed security features.

Chrome also has a lot of issues with WordPress dashboards too.

Though I must also include, I’ve only see that issue happen on a few downloads. It doesn’t seem to happen on them all but only a few. I too would be interested in knowing what is causing this and how to resolve it.


Hi Folks,

This is a Chrome issue that started with the last update. Envato downloads are fine and Chrome has been notified.

To get your files please select the down arrow and change it from Discard to Keep.

Hopefully Chrome will get this sorted soon :smile: