INVESTIGATING: Browser error incorrectly preventing download of Envato items.

Hey everyone.

We’ve received a number of reports indicating that some browsers are groundlessly flagging some Envato Market downloads as dangerous and temporarily preventing users from downloading their purchases.

Our engineers are currently investigating the cause of these issues to ensure that our content is marked as as safe with Google Safe Browsing service. We expect the issue to be resolved shortly.

Official announcements can be found at - you can also subscribe directly to updates on the official incident report here.

Rest assured, all items on Envato Market are reviewed by an expert quality team before being uploaded for sale and are verified as safe :smile:.

We will provide updates as we continue our work.


I believe there’s an issue with Envato API as well. You should consider to check that, too ( few cases have been already reported at the forum )

We’re getting reports from Google that they have fixed the error. Please check and confirm it’s working now for you.