Cant Download Purchases

I go to download my purchases and it says cant find site?

Wait a few minutes and try again, if it still doesn’t work, try contacting Envato Support.

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you can try to download your envato market purchased item from here Download Page


Thank you - just put a ticket in!

That’s where I’m trying to download my product from. Thanks though!

download is working fine from my side (for my purchased item). Please would you like to try with a different browser. Thanks

I’ve tried all Safari, chrome and firefox. I’ve also disconnected from my wifi and used data to try to download as well.

please contact envato customer support and let them know with screenshots of the error you are getting. envato customer support team will check it for you. Thanks

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Given the nature of the error you’re receiving and the fact that it occurs between networks, this might be an issue with a service on your PC (so restart your computer), or it could be an antivirus-gone-rogue.

The “NXDOMAIN” in the error means that there’s something between you and Envato which is interfering and falsely telling your browsers that the website doesn’t exist.