unable to activate license

I purchased the Lefala template and after installation it asks me to activate but when I login, it says I don’t have an account. But, then it let’s me login just fine to my envato account.
Am I missing something?

You can see I have logged in OK here:

Yeah, unfortunately Envato opted to not put a logout button on that page, it’s really quite annoying sometimes and can be difficult to clear that cookie. :sweat:

The easiest solution I can offer you is to try activating within your browser’s Private or Incognito mode.

Thank you. I just did it with Incognito and then login and it gives the same error. “You don’t have any purchase…”.
What can I do to get it to activate?

Sincere apologies, I misunderstood the problem. It seems “Jollyany” is an alternate name of the theme’s author which confused me a bit! :sweat_smile:

Short of making sure you’re logged into the correct account, the next step would be to contact the author. Since you seem to have issues with the license I would suggest using the contact form on their profile page here: templaza's profile on ThemeForest

Also tagging @templaza for reference.

Thanks again for the speedy response.
However, more issues, both of these links do not work.

Isn’t this template and my license thru envato? Why would it not activate when that’s who I bought it thru?

If you purchased the theme, it would be through themeforest.net, in which case Envato is simply acting as a marketplace and the original author (templaza) is who manages all the activation and support stuff. If this is the case for you (which it sounds like?) then it should work but something must have gone wrong on the author’s side.

If you instead downloaded the theme as part of a subscription at elements.envato.com, then Envato is the seller and you cannot activate the theme without purchasing an actual license.

And yeah, those links on their profile page are absolutely broken, but you should see a contact form on the right side below all their badges.

So, let me see if I understand correctly. I paid for a template AND license of the Lefata template and cannot activate the template because it’s not licensed thru themeforest?

No, that’s not correct – the template in question is only sold on ThemeForest. That’s where you purchased it right? In which case, you should absolutely be able to activate the template.

Edit: Here is the link to the template’s official product page for reference:

OK great, I’ll keep working to see if I can find someone on their team to help me activate it.
This is quite confusing though, if I go to the forums from the themeforest.net website, it takes me to this forum we are in right now. I feel like I’m going crazy! :smiley:
Thanks again for all your quick help, it’s very much appreciated!

Yeah, you’re fine then. Just for some clarification, since I know all the branding here can get a bit confusing:

Envato is the parent company of ThemeForest, and ThemeForest is a marketplace where thousands of authors come to sell their themes. You purchased a theme sold by an author named templaza, so any issues with your particular theme should be directed to them.

Unfortunately there isn’t an official activation system around here, so each author implements their own. And sometimes they break… which is why I’m redirecting you their way! :sweat_smile:

Just head over to their profile page and look for the contact form on the right side. Should get you through straight to them, and they will reply over email:


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