Unable to activate with any of my licenses code

Hi, I tried today with 1 Wordpess theme license from themeforest and 1 plugin license from Codecanyon but the activation failed and the status of the activation keeps on loading.

Is there something wrong with Envato activation today or just me (my licences are old one but not been used)?

There’s no issue reported ( https://status.envato.com ) but you can try again later. Could be a temporary issue. If it continues, contact the item author for the support.

Thanks for letting me know.

The issue was actually from my side, there was an issue regarding http and https redirect. It was caused by a misconfiguration setup between the server SSL Certificate and Cloudflare encryption “Flexible” mode.

I fixed it now after I removed the old SSL certificate and used Cloudflare’s Origin Certificate instead and switch Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full