UK Residents: This is how to avoid 'back up withholding tax'

I started selling songs just before January and as you know from 1st January audio jungle started adding a 30% tax on sales. I was looking around for ages on where to get a ITIN tax code from IRS in the US so that i could fill in my W-8 form on audio jungle.

But this is what you need to do if you are from the UK.

simply fill in the form and select the option 'foreign tax ID’
and then just add in your national insurance number with no spaces.

I then submitted the form to Audio Jungle and am no longer getting charged this 30% tax

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hi, the best for you to do is either to call the IRS on the phone and can get the number on the phone, but if u do not feel comfortable with this solution, then u can send a fax to them with your form duely fulfilled it will take around 10 days but will get it way faster than by sending a traditional mail , which will take between 6 and 10 weeks according to what i know … are u also sure if u need a ITIN or EIN?