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I’m slowly starting to sell a few tracks (only 3 so far). I didn’t think about entering any tax information and I’m a bit stuck there. I live in Norway and shouldn’t pay taxes in The US. Do I get a ITIN number, or how does that work?

Here is a topic about that:

It’s not simple.
Hang in there ! :wink:

If you’re searching “W7” in this forum you can also find answers.
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Norway does provide a TIN to its residents, so there is no need for you to get an ITIN. The ID number you need to fill the FTIN field with is your 11-digits National Identity Number. Once you’ve filled that in, no more taxes, yay!


I didn’t know that…
So you just need to fill the W8 form (with your TIN number) and send it to IRS (Texas)

Great! Thank you so much :slight_smile: Just did that now… What about the money I’ve already taxed? Can I get those back?

Not sure how it is in The US, but you can find the tax page in your account settings page.

Unfortunately there’s no backsies from the IRS. However, you will get a recap at the end of the US fiscal year of what you paid to the IRS. You may then be able to submit this document to your own fiscal administration and you may or may not get some sort of tax credit, depending on your fiscal administration’s policies.

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