Two Rejected Songs.... Feedback requested.

Hello! I am a new author and just had two of my songs rejected… any advice or feedback on how to improve? Both were rejected due to “commercial quality standards”. Incredibly frustrating as a new author.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!


Energetic Upbeat Inspiring indie:

  • MIX/MASTER ISSUES [the biggest problem are low and medium frequencies]
  • “Hey” chant poor quality sample, which does not match the song reverb (it is too much upfront and too fx wet) + destroys the whole impression of “realism”
  • I hear the metronome

To be honest the song has a lot of potential (composition).

Corporate Brand New Day

  • Overwhelming kick sample
  • Low freq mixing issues
  • 0:35 too loud and harsh transition effect
  • pluck, bells are too high in volume (wrong volume balance across the track)
  • 1:27 shaker stands out too much from the rest
  • 0:19 jump in volume

Summarizing all tracks:

  • Low - Mid freq mixing problems
  • wrong volume balance
  • metronome?
  • wrong positioning of instruments and samples using effects, reverb (wrong characteristics), delay
  • mixing poor robotic samples with high quality, realism samples


Much appreciated! Can’t believe I missed the metronome…
Thanks for your critique!


Oh Phew just double checked my submitted files, luckily the metronome wasn’t on any of those – I was just in a rush to upload to Soundcloud lol! Serves me right for rushing.

Thanks again!

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Next time use a cowbell instead of the metronome, would be easier to listen… :wink: