My track was rejected for (mixing/mastering/sample quality) help please


this track

Was rejected for (mixing/mastering/sample quality). It is my first go at a Corporate style track. I would love to hear some feedback where I need to improve, mainly to help in the future, so I don’t make the same mistakes again. Was it the quality of the sounds, too outdated, not clear enough, mastering levels not correct or all of the above. I do have a habit trying to force too many sounds into a track.

Any help much appreciated.

I just listened on headphones. It sounds really nice to my ears, nice job! If anything I thought maybe the track was a little long/repetitive & too slow to build for a corporate piece. But it sounds great! Good luck.

I think you are right. I should have kept it to 2-3 mins or given another shorter edit. Thanks so much for your comment suntired.


  1. Mixing quality not well
  2. Synth sound very specific
  3. Fx 's are very loud
  4. Bass drum sound is hard
    …and so on

I think you should replace some instruments and re arrange this track. Try to create more interesting and dinamycal arrangement. For example guitar theme is fine, but synth instrument is to poor… Hope it helps you.

Thanks for the idea.