Two months on Videohive made me richer than 90% of the population in my country.


I registered on envato 2 years ago. I added a couple of works, but then got a few rejects. It upset me and I no longer work for the envato.
But recently, my country suffered economic crisis and national currency is much cheaper. It made me start again to create items for videohive.
For two months I have been able to increase the monthly income from $ 60 to $ 500. In my country it is not so little money. The average salary there is $ 300 per month. I earn a lot more, but even $ 500 - a significant increase to the salary.

Almost all my projects - is an interesting backgrounds with high detail. Backgrounds are selling very well. That’s what I’m good at. If you’re curious, here’s a link to my portfolio:

Today I have reached level 4! I want to say thanks to Envato team. I do not intend to stop. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. Many thanks! :tada:

I’m from Russia


Wow, great story, @arakelov, and nice portfolio, thanks so much for sharing! Glad you persevered and never gave up. Hope your story can inspire others. :thumbsup:


Congrats. Keep it up.


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congrats ! Keep Sharp !


Keep up the good work… Congrats! :smiley:


Congratulations! Good work! Keep it up!




really great story mate, many congrats


Another success story, congratulations for your achievement mate!wish you got more sales :smile:


Motivational stuff right here, don’t stop creating !


This is truly wonderful Arakelov. Great work, and I’m so happy to hear about how Envato has been able to help supplement your income in a big way! Wonderful!


Wow that is a great accomplishment, good work!


Congratulations, hard work pays off!


What a success, awesome story and very motivating. Thanks


Great inspirational story of success here! My congratulations. Keep it up!
Could you give some advices as VH author to AJ author: what kind of music is perspective for VH projects? I’ve small portfolio at this time, but I work hard and have in submission query 25 tracks. And I’d like to know what kind of music I should make for VH projects? Maybe something about mood or genre?


Just wanted to say congratulations man! I am the sort of person who buys templates from Envato and the work you guys do is great quality, cheap and [mostly] great support as well! I’m really happy you are rewarded for you skill and maybe you can teach other people in your community to do the same :slight_smile:


Check which tracks are Featured. All tracks motivational, inspirational, soft, corporate… That’s what sells well on the site. I think on envato not everything depends on your talent. 50% of the work - is to create item, the other 50% - a market research.

Thank you all for your kind words!


Congratulations! Really a great story :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m from Russia too, yep there are difficult times for it’s citizens. I came to envato’s audiojungle a year ago, received 10 rejects and get out. But few months ago I came back and now I have about 150$ monthly. Thank you, envato.